Call for Proposal 


Professionals, Students and Faculty – LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD! 

We are currently calling for presenters for our 44th national conference and annual meeting to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, June 6-8, 2018.

We are looking for engaging and innovative speakers in the following areas to name a few: 

AA/EEO Compliance – EEO, AA regulatory changes, recruiting strategy, applicant tracking, compensation analysis, moving your organization beyond the regulations, other compliance issues/topics. 
Academics – faculty recruitment, violence on campus, elevating institutional effectiveness, harassment, aligning with the academic mission, title IX, other campus issues/topics.
Diversity/Inclusion – what happens when you are not at the table, moving your diversity program to the next level, LGBTQ, diversity metrics and measurements, individuals with disabilities, hiring and retaining veterans and other diversity/inclusion issues topics.
Student Poster Projects - affirmative action, diversity and inclusion, equal employment and equal education opportunity (including Title IX), and access in all sectors. We hope this opportunity will draw student scholars to share and discuss their research, ideas, and solutions on these challenging issues with current professionals in the field.

Click here to submit a Speaking Proposal.  DUE DATE Monday, October 30th. 
Click here to submit a Student Poster Proposal.  DUE DATE Wednesday, November 15th.