Effective 2012, AAAED instituted a recertification program for professionals who earn the CAAP and Sr. CAAEP credentials. For the CAAP credential, the recertification requirement takes effect beginning October 1, 2012. Thus, professionals who already have earned the CAAP credential or who earned the CAAP credential at the PDTI training sites in March 2012 (Tampa) and July 2012 (Chicago) will not be subject to the recertification requirement to maintain their CAAP credential. Any professional who earns the CAAP credential after October 1, 2012 will be required to recertify every three years in order to maintain a valid CAAP credential.

Professionals who earn the Sr. CAAEP are also subject to the recertification requirement.

A recertification program is designed to ensure that EEO/AA/diversity professionals keep up-to-date on issues affecting their profession. AAAED requires certified CAAP and Sr. CAAEP professionals to recertify their credential every three years through continuing education activities, professional association involvement, or both.

Professionals are required to accumulate 36 hours of activities in one or more of the following areas: continuing education, instruction, leadership, and professional membership. AAAED has adopted a self-report model for its recertification program.

Professionals must keep track of their activities and report those activities to AAAED, along with payment of a recertification fee, to maintain the CAAP or Sr. CAAEP credential. The recertification fee is $150. For additional details, contact the AAAED National Office.

Continuing Education Credits. Professionals may gain recertification credits for educational activities related to equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, or diversity. Credit is awarded on an hour-for-hour basis (excluding meals and breaks) for conferences, PDTI classroom training, seminars, workshops, symposiums, and online training (videoconferences, webinars, and podcasts). For courses at an accredited college or university, a one-semester credit course (e.g., 16 weeks) equals 16 recertification credit hours, one quarter credit course (e.g., 12 weeks) equals 12 recertification credit hours, and one audited college course equals 10 recertification hours. No credit will be awarded for general sessions at conferences or for attendance at meetings of professional associations.

Instruction. Professionals may earn recertification credits for serving as an instructor of a course, workshop, seminar or conference session (excluding presentations within your own organization). Professionals may receive credit only for the first time each unique course is presented. Instructors earn 1.5 credit hours for every hour of the presentation to take into account preparation time. For example, a two-hour presentation is awarded 3 credit hours toward recertification.

Leadership. Credit may be earned for leadership activities in an EEO/AA/diversity-related association or for community volunteer work in which a professional uses his/her EEO/AA/diversity expertise. Examples include officer positions on boards, committee chair assignments, committee membership, Capitol Hill visits, testimonies before Congress or state legislatures, meetings with regulatory agency officials, and preparation of comments on regulatory proposals.

Professional Membership. A professional may earn recertification credit for being a member of a national organization that promotes equal employment opportunity, access, and diversity; an EEO/AA/diversity- related organization, or a regional/area affiliate of a national organization. A professional who is an AAAED member may earn 2 hours per year toward recertification. Professional membership in a non-AAAED organization earns 1 hour per year toward recertification,

provided the professional is an AAAED member. There is an 8-credit hour maximum permitted in this category.

Certified individuals are issued a certificate attesting that they have met the standards of the AAAED PDTI program and are entitled to make the public aware of their credentialed status from AAAED PDTI through the use of the initials CAAP or Sr. CAAEP after their names. Certification must be maintained via the methods provided above. Individuals who do not maintain their certification are no longer entitled to use the credential. Practitioners are responsible for maintaining their certification credentials and updating their files as necessary.

For more information please contact the AAAED National Office at 202-349-9855 or email at pdti@aaaed.org.

To apply for CAAP or Sr. CAAEP Recertification, submit the Recertification Form with a payment of $150.00 to: AAAED, 1701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20006. Click here for a copy of the Recertification Form.