AAAED Professional Development and Training Institute (PDTI): CUSTOMIZED TRAINING


AAAED's PDTI Customized Training provides specially designed training programs to fit the needs of institutions or companies that have specific requirements or a group of employees who need targeted training. PDTI's Customized Training will work with you to design the coursework for managers and/or staff to fulfill your needs, ranging from conducting effective internal investigations to developing a compliant workplace to delivering training to your Human Resources, equity, diversity, and affirmative action personnel.

In recent years, AAAED trainers have worked with clients to deliver specialized in-house training to managerial staff in the law and policies related to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and in the requirements for developing and implementing an affirmative action program. If you have had an agency compliance review or complaint investigation, or in preparation of a compliance audit, AAAED's PDTI Customized Training can assist you in delivering training to your affected staff. 

Pricing is based on the number of persons to be trained and the amount of time required to prepare specific training materials. Contact the AAAED office for more information: Tel: 202-349-9855 Email: