We are Professionals Promoting Equal Opportunity and Inclusion with Forty Years of Leadership  

With forty years of leadership, the AAAED’s dedicated mission for access, equity and diversity could not be accomplished without its members. The leadership of our members is reflected in their passion for this work and their tireless advocacy. Our membership is intended to represent the needs of equal opportunity, affirmative action, human resource, diversity professionals, and affirmative action advocates. The AAAED is here to provide a space for those seeking a community, an opportunity to network with members of your profession, or have your views heard by policymakers.





AAAED is an EEO Professional Development Organization. 

*Established in 1991, the AAAED Professional Development and Training Institute (PDTI) boasts more than nine certificate programs, a robust webinar series and onsite training. 


AAAED is an Advocate for the Equal Opportunity Profession. 

*AAAED promotes the tenets of equal opportunity and diversity before government agencies, the Congress and the courts. 

*AAAED provides expert opinion, guidance, congressional testimony and news commentary in response to federal legislation, agency regulations, and executive orders that threaten the advances made in providing access, inclusion, and equal opportunity for all. 

*AAAED files amicus curiae briefs and lawsuits before the courts on behalf of the membership and to protect civil rights laws and policies promoting equal opportunity. In 2020, AAAED joined litigation to declare Executive Order 13950, which prohibited diversity trainings, unconstitutional (NUL v. Trump). 


AAAED inspires its members to be Active Advocates for EEO and diversity. 

*AAAED members worked on the Fisher case, which resulted in the retention of affirmative action in higher education admissions 

*AAAED members worked on behalf of Academic institutions to clarify the Department of Labor regulations, which led to the publication of OFCCP’s first edition of the Education Institutions Technical Assistance Guide. 

*AAAED members meet with international representatives seeking information on affirmative action, discrimination, etc. 

*AAAED members co-lead nationwide discussions on hot topics with agencies including the OFCCP and the EEOC and regularly speak with the news media. 

*AAAED inspires its members to return to their institutions, agencies and companies dedicated to continuing the challenge of promoting equal opportunity and diversity for all. 

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