AAAED Membership Benefits

The American Association for Access, Equity and Diversity (AAAED) has served its members with dedication and distinction since its founding in 1974. As it surpasses its fortieth anniversary, the association’s services have grown and are continuing to expand to the benefit of its members. The list below is an example of the benefits that members obtain when joining AAAED.

  1. Membership Directory - The Association's membership directory is available to members whose dues are in “confirmed” or current status.
  2. AAAED Listserv - The Association hosts a listserv for its “confirmed” members. Any member who wishes to subscribe to this list may initiate their request via email to AAAED-request@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM. Membership will be verified before any subscription is approved. By joining or using the AAAED membership directory and listserv, you agree to the following rules and guidelines.
  3. AAAED Member Resources Page - The Member Resources page contains new features and will provide members with substantive information of use to members in the practice of their professions. This page includes EEO Tips, research, data and other information related to EEO, diversity and inclusion and affirmative action. Members are encouraged to donate information to share with their colleagues on the site.
  4. Annual Report - The AAAED Annual report of its activities is available to members. It can be found in the Members only section of this website.
  5. AAAED Bylaws - The Association’s Bylaws are also available to members. For a copy of the AAAED Bylaws as amended in 2014, members may go to the Member Resources page of the website.
  6. OFCCP Conciliation Agreements - Summaries of OFCCP Conciliation Agreements are available for current AAAED members only. The conciliation agreements are obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request that AAAED submits twice a year to the OFCCP. This is a Members-only benefit and can be obtained by contacting the AAAED national office at:
  7. Training - First and foremost, AAAED is an organization dedicated to the professional development of its members. AAAED boasts a Professional Development and Training Institute (PDTI), founded in 1991, that confers the Certified Affirmative Action Professional (CAAP) and Sr. Affirmative Action Professional (Sr. CAAP) credential. PDTI also offers certificates for equal opportunity and affirmative action subfields. AAAED’s PDTI offers classroom training, onsite training, webinars and other specialized training opportunities. AAAED members receive a discount on the training programs.
  8. AAAED Blog and Newsletter - The AAAED Blog was established to give AAAED members and the public an opportunity to opine on the issues of the day and to educate the public on issues involving equal opportunity through affirmative action. The Blog also includes news clips about the activities of the EEO enforcement agencies, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) as well as articles on affirmative action and diversity generally. To go to the blog, click on the “AAAED Blog” tab on the AAAED website.
  9. EEO Tips - AAAED has instituted a weekly “EEO Tips” service to members. Lawyers and EEO practitioners who are expert in the field provide best practices and other information on EEO, diversity and affirmative action issues. This is a Members only benefit and is circulated via the AAAED Listserv. It is also available to AAAED members on the website.
  10. The AAAED Career Center - AAAED maintains a job board serviced through Yourmembership and accessible through the AAAED website. Individuals may provide their resumes and employers may use this affordable service to find professionals in the EEO, diversity, human resources and other fields. To find the Career Center, click on “Career Center” on the AAAED website. AAAED also circulates a bi-monthly email of featured jobs through its listserv.
  11. Weblink Sponsors - Companies, colleges, organizations, consultants and others may purchase a link when paying their annual dues, which advertises their products for other members and members of the public. The cost to purchase a link is minimal but provides additional exposure to potential clients and the general public.
  12. AAAED National Conference and Annual Meeting - AAAED has an annual event that provides educational and training opportunities for its membership and other members of the public. National policymakers and opinion experts are invited to speak and a number of substantive workshops are presented for the edification of the membership. The fees for the conference are reduced for AAAED members.
  13. AAAED Press Releases and News - AAAED speaks out on issues of interest to its members and its press releases may be found on the AAAED website. News clippings on affirmative action, EEO and diversity are also available as is information disseminated by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  14. AAAED Advocacy and Public Education - AAAED monitors legislative, agency and judicial activities that affect EEO, affirmative action and diversity issues in higher education, employment and business. AAAED is represented in Washington meetings and discussions on related issues and annually invites policymakers to meet with its board of directors in Washington, DC. AAAED filed an amicus curiae brief in the Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin case and has signed on to numerous letters circulated by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. Every four years, AAAED hosts its annual meeting in Washington, DC and addresses public policy issues of importance to the association and its membership.
  15. AAAED Regions - AAAED has nine regions, each led by a regional director. Each region provides an opportunity to network with colleagues on issues including agency compliance activities, state and local government regulations and other issues facing EEO professionals. To view the AAAED regions and the states therein, go to the AAAED website and click on “Leadership.”
  16. AAAED Bookstore - AAAED offers both hard copy and electronic books on a number of issues including civil rights, diversity, affirmative action and equal opportunity. The bookstore is maintained by and may be accessed on the AAAED website by clicking on “Bookstore.”
  17. AAAED Shops - AAAED provides association-themed clothing and other merchandise on its website through CafePress and Click on “AAAED E-Stores” on the AAAED website.
  18. Travel Benefits - AAAED members receive discounts on travel through major automobile rental companies including Avis, Budget and Hertz. Just click on the icons located on the “Travel Benefits” tab.
  19. The LEAD Fund - In 2011, AAAED incorporated the Fund for Leadership, Equity, Access and Diversity (the “LEAD Fund”) to provide education and research on issues involving EEO, affirmative action, diversity and inclusion. Contributions to the LEAD Fund are tax-deductible.