AAAED Professional Development & Training Institute (PDTI):


AAAED PDTI’s New Professionals Academy (NPA) is designed to inspire and engage new AA/EEO and diversity professionals with one to three years of experience to achieve excellent work and career outcomes. The NPA is a highly interactive learning opportunity designed for novice level EEO/AA and diversity professionals to (1) draw on their first years of experience and learn from other peers and distinguished professionals to improve their industry knowledge and technical skills; and (2) work, share best practices, and network with other new professionals and colleagues.

This is a 16-hour interactive program that takes place two hours per day, twice a week (4 hours per week) for four weeks. Participants are required to complete the NPA coursework, including assessments given at the end of each class.


January 17, 2023 (10 am - 12 pm ET) 

January 19, 2023 (2 pm - 4 pm ET) 

January 24, 2023 (10 am - 12 pm ET) 

January 26, 2023 (2 pm - 4 pm ET) 

January 31, 2023 (10 am - 12 pm ET) 

February 2, 2023 (2 pm - 4 pm ET) 

February 7, 2023 (10 am - 12 pm ET) 

We encourage NPA participants to register and attend the conference for a more complete comprehensive experience where they will be able to meet experienced Equal Opportunity Professionals (EOPs) and distinguished colleagues and within the profession, and gain knowledge on career strategies.


  • Fundamentals of EEO/Affirmative Action/ Case Analysis
  • Building the Business for Diversity, Equity & Diversity
  • Conducting Investigations/Case Analysis
  • Handling Difficult Conversations; Conflict Resolution 
  • Sexual Harassment/Harassment & Retaliation Prevention Education
  • AAP (Affirmative Action Planning) 101
  • Career Planning/Professional Development 
  • End of term NPA Project Paper



Applicants must submit an application, resume, a letter of support submitted by a current/former supervisor and/or mentor from their perspective institution.  

Please wait to be accepted into the program before you register to pay your fee. NPA applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. 

Price: $900.00 (There is a 30 percent discount only applicable to AAAED Members. Code: AAAAPDTI)

New Professionals Academy Application Download