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AAAED new professionals academy
september 7 – 29, 2021


PDTI VIRTUAL AAAED's New Professionals Academy (NPA) is designed to inspire and engage new AA/EEO and diversity professionals with one to three years of experience to achieve excellent work and career outcomes. The NPA is a highly interactive learning opportunity designed for novice level EEO/AA and diversity professionals to (1) draw on their first years of experience and learn from other peers and distinguished professionals to improve their industry knowledge and technical skills; and (2) work, share best practices, and network with other new professionals and colleagues.

The NPA will also enable participants to be supported by distinguished colleagues within the profession and to learn strategies for career success.

The 16-hour interactive program is scheduled to occur before the AAAED National Conference and Annual Meeting.  NPA applicants are encouraged to register and attend the annual meeting as a means of meeting and participating in an event of experienced Equal Opportunity Professionals (EOPs).  The program will take place two hours per day, twice a week (four hours per week), for four weeks. Participants are required to complete the NPA coursework, including assessments given at the end of each class.

The application process for the NPA:

Applicants must submit an application and resume, a letter of support submitted by a current/former supervisor and/or mentor from their organizations. Please wait to be accepted into the program before you register to pay your fee.  NPA applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.  Price for the 16-hour program: $900.00.  There is a 30 percent discount for AAAED Members.  Code: AAAAPDTI. 


  • Fundamentals of EEO/Affirmative Action/ Case Analysis
  • Building the Business for Diversity, Equity & Diversity
  • Conducting Investigations/Case Analysis
  • Career Development
  • Individual Project /Presentation
  • Handling Difficult Conversations; Conflict Resolution
  • Sexual Harassment/Harassment & Retaliation Prevention Education
  • AAP (Affirmative Action Planning) 101

For a copy of the NPA Application, click here:  https://files.constantcontact.com/ebf58109001/a3605a70-044a-47b1-9eb1-4ed90148d38f.docx

For questions, please contact Wanda Malden, Chair, New Professionals Academy, wandamalden93@gmail.com or pdti@aaaed.org. Tel: 202-349-9855.

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