AAAED Professional Development & Training Institute (PDTI):


This year, AAAED PDTI is excited to introduce our “Intermediate Programs,”a series of three to eight-hour courses. It is tailored for EEO, Affirmative Action and Diversity professionals who have taken the basic PDTI programs or who have more than introductory experience and would like to take a deeper dive into the policies and practices of the profession.  

*These courses can be applied to CAAP and Sr. CAAEP recertification.


Compensation Analysis: Effective pay Equity Self-Analysis and Action Plan Strategies (8 hours)

Course Description: Regular compensation self-analyses are an essential part of any comprehensive EEO program. This course provides an overview of strategies that not only achieve legal compliance, but also advance the broader quest for pay equity. The course begins with a review of the legal framework, laws and enforcement mechanisms, analytical resources, and privilege issues. Starting from this background, participants will learn about the various statistical methodologies that can be used to analyze pay equity and the considerations that should be taken into account when choosing among them. Regression modeling, which is the most commonly employed strategy for medium to large workforces, will be explored in detail. The basics of regression will be explained in understandable, non-technical terms, supported by interactive examples. Participants will learn how to determine whether an analysis is valid and to identify situations in which further investigation and analysis is needed before action plans are developed. The course will conclude with instruction on how to move forward when the analysis is complete, including methods for calculating pay adjustments.

Learning Objectives: The objective of this course is to provide participants with the tools they need to oversee a pay equity self-analysis from start to finish, including making policy decisions on how to conduct the analysis, understanding and interpreting the results, and determining an appropriate course of action to address the findings.

Who Should Attend: Anyone with responsibility or potential involvement in developing pay equity policy or conducting and applying pay analyses, including compensation professionals.

*Preferred pre-requisite: Basic CAAP Developing and Implementing an Affirmative Action Program


Compensation Analysis: Effective Pay Equity Self-Analysis and Action Plan Strategies … February 21, 28, March 7, 14, 2023


The Intersection Between Diversity Management, EEO and Affirmative Action (3 hours)

Course Description: This session will provide an overview of the differences between diversity analytics and AAP analyses and discuss how the two can work to complement one another. We will address how well-designed diverse metrics programs can help employers identify and target for improvement specific portions of their diversity, recruitment, retention, and engagement strategies and complement their Affirmative Action compliance program. This course will be taught in three one-hour segments.

Learning Objectives: The course will explore: (1) the differences between an Affirmative Action Program and diversity metrics, (2) the legal pitfalls to avoid when establishing a diversity metrics program; (2) the key factors to consider when establishing the structure of the program including the units of analysis; (3) how to choose the optimal tests for determining underutilization and measuring goal achievement so that they correspond best to your company’s diversity objectives; and (4) using the results of your Affirmative Action Program and diversity analyses to establish more effective and targeted diversity strategies.

Who Should Attend: Human Resources professionals; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion staff and CDOs; Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action practitioners, Labor and Employment Lawyers and Consultants, EEO Coordinators and Legal Counsel. 

*Preferred pre-requisite: Basic CAAP EEO and Affirmative Action Law; Developing and Implementing an Affirmative Action Program


The Intersection Between Diversity Management, EEO and Affirmative Action: Making Use of Your Affirmative Action Goals … May 4, 11, 18, 2023


Compensation: The Pay Equity Landscape - Navigating Fair Pay Laws in 2022 (4 hours)

Course Description: Ensuring legal compliance around "pay equity" has never been more challenging for companies, particularly for companies that are federal contractors or subcontractors. Not only do these companies have to worry about the federal enforcement agencies and new data-related initiatives from EEOC and OFCCP, but there are also several new state laws complicating the pay equity compliance playing field. From California's Pay Data Reporting to Colorado's Equal Pay Transparency Rules to Illinois’ new Equal Pay Registration Certificate, what is an employer to do to keep up? In this special 2-part session, employment attorneys from Jackson Lewis’ Affirmative Action & Pay Equity Resource Groups will explain all the latest legal updates and developments. The first session will address the evolving legal landscape for federal and state pay equity laws. Our speakers will provide best practices for complying with the patchwork of new laws, a forecast of what else is on the horizon, and tips to avoid those "low hanging fruit" pay discrimination claims. The second session will focus on OFCCP enforcement trends, including information gleaned from recent and ongoing audits, along with information about what steps contractors can take now to be best position themselves to defend OFCCP pay equity investigations in 2022 and beyond.

Learning Objectives: Attendees will walk away with knowledge about the patchwork of current federal and state laws concerning pay equity and pay discrimination, including insights into trends and expectations for new initiatives under President Biden's Administration. Attendees will also learn about best practices and common pitfalls in employee compensation programs, to be able to spot issues in their own companies’ pay practices to survive scrutiny in EEOC investigations and OFCCP compliance evaluations. In addition, after this event, attendees should be able to determine what steps they should take, such as internal self-audits, to help avoid costly discrimination claims and to be well-positioned to defend their pay systems in OFCCP audits.

Who Should Attend: EEO and affirmative action professionals, Labor and Employment lawyers and consultants. HR professionals, Compensation professionals. In house counsel. – All experience levels.

*Preferred pre-requisites: Basic CAAP EEO and Affirmative Action Law; Developing and Implementing an Affirmative Action Program

Compensation: The Pay Equity Landscape – Navigating Fair Pay Laws … March 21 and 23, 2023 


Conducting an Affirmative Action Self-Audit: Is Your AAP Ready? (4 hours)

Course Description: This course discusses the steps involved in conducting a self-audit of an Affirmative Action Program. Among the issues covered are: how to investigate findings of discrimination or indicators of adverse impact; the importance of correct and consistent job titles; what your AAP is telling you; how to implement your AAP goals.

Learning Objective: This is the next-level course that discusses the actual uses and strategies in investigating indicators of adverse impact and how to explain and implement the goals generated in the AAP.

Who Should Attend: EEO and affirmative action professionals, Human Resources staff, Labor and Employment lawyers and consultants

*Preferred pre-requisite: Basic CAAP Developing and Implementing an Affirmative Action Program

Conducting an Affirmative Action Self-Audit: Is your AAP Ready? … May 9 - May 30, 2023